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Western Tours

Western Tanzania is the least visited part of the country but possibly the most exciting for explorers with a sense of adventure.

The West is most known for its large population of chimpanzees, but offers great opportunities for trekking, boating, bird watching and historical tours as well. Western Tanzania and Gombe national park is where Jane Goodall did her famous studies of chimpanzees over the course of 45 years.  Katavi in turn gives you exciting wildlife on par with the North and South, and Mahale offers spectacular scenery in its rainsforest setting.  

Below we have prepared a few examples of western circuit tours. We are happy to tailor make any tour for you to give you a unique experience well beyond the ordinary safari tours in the national parks! 

The Big Western Tour

This 11-day tour takes you through all highlights of Western Tanzania - chimpanzee trekking, boat tours on Lake Tanganyika, visiting historical sites around the Lake, beach and snorkeling as well as game driving in Katavi National park.

Chimpanzee Tour - Gombe Stream National Park

This short tour takes you hiking in Gombe Stream National Park, with its waterfalls and large population of chimpanzees. During the tour, you can also explore the historic town of Ujiji and go fishing, snorkling or bird watching in Lake Tanganyika.

Long Chimpanzee Tour - Mahale National Park

Our tour in Mahale National Park offers you chimpanzee trekking and great possibilities for fishing, snorkling and bird watching in Lake Tanganyika.