When going to Tanzania

It's easy to travel to and within Tanzania, but these things are good to keep in mind.


You can get your visa for Tanzania at the main airports. Coming from abroad, you'll probably land either in Kilimanjaro or Dar es Salaam airports. Visa processing is not a problem but may take some time, so be patient. Check the visa fees for your country here

Remember that the visa they give you is single entry, so if your tour includes several countries you may need to budget for multiple entries.      


There are regular flights to all the main cities and tourist attractions in Tanzania, and airlines operating these flights are reliable. Bus companies operate these and all other routes. You can make all bookings through us or by yourselves, it's all good by us.    

If you're going from Dar to the northern parks for a safari, we recommend you fly to Arusha or Kilimanjaro. For the west there are also scheduled flights to either Katavi or Ujiji. For the South, we 'll just drive from Dar. You have the options of flying into both Ruaha and Selous in the South, but driving is a lot more affordable and convenient. If you fancy trains, as we do at Grassroots, you may want to think of taking the Tazara train to Selous if you've chosen that park for your safari.  

For Zanzibar, there are ferries leaving from Dar 3-4 times a day, and we recommend you take the Azam ferry. You can also fly to Stone town in about 20 minutes.  The same goes for Mafia island - flights take only about 30 minutes but are rather pricy, so for a Grassroots experience you can opt for the boat leaving from ...